Tuesday, February 20, 2018 
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Congressman Woodall Discusses the FairTax (00:02:38)

Neil Boortz interviews FAIRtax Chairman Steve Hayes (6:29)

George Fest 2015 (00:03:20)

Rep. DeSantis: IRS Past the Point of Usefulness (00:05:16)

End The IRS on Your World with Neil Cavuto  (00:03:97)

FairTax - Flat Tax Forum 04/15/13 (00:51:18)

Important Message for the 113th Congress House Committee on Ways and Means by Kerry Bowers (0:3:40)

Congressman Bucannan and Panel on Tax Reform (1:07:06)

The Case for the Fair Tax by John Linder (00:57:18)

Dr. Benjamin Carson Addresses National Prayer Breakfast, Criticizes Obamacare (00:27:32)

El FairTax: ¬°Encienda Nuestro Motor Econ√≥mico! (00:04:31)

Citizen Challenges President on Taxes (0:3:52)

FairTax, Fire Up Our Economic Engine (Spanish vers) (0:4:31)

Tax Effectiveness Features (0:3:23)

The Fair Tax - Taxpayer Chain Gang - FairTaxKC  (0:0:58)

FairTax, Fire Up Our Economic Engine (Official HD) (00:04:00)

Gary Johnson will fight to end the IRS (1:32)

FairTax Colonial (0:1:09)

Learn what the FairTax is all about in 1 minute! (0:1:00)

Congressman King Speaks at FairTax Press Conference (0:1:11)

The History Of The Income Tax - Dick Morris TV: History Video! (0:5:25)

Rep. Kevin Brady (R-TX) questions witnesses at JEC hearing on Nov. 17 (0:4:52)

Dick Morris TV Lunch Alert Cain vs Perry Tax Reform v. Simplification (0:5:15)

The FairTax Versus the Obama 'Jobs Plan' (0:3:16)

Senator Lugar Cosponsors the FairTax (0:4:46)

Floor Speech: The FairTax will bring jobs back to America by Congressman Woodall (0:5:52)

Chairman Dave Camp & Former Reagan Secretary of Treasury James Baker III discuss tax reform  (0:12:09)

C-Span Interview with Herman Cain (0:48:45)

Jordan Williamson of Rockwell Texas on FairTax (0:4:03)

Candidate Rubio Supports FairTax (0:4:11)

Congressman Steve King supports the FairTax, a national consumption tax  (0:7:57)

NV FT Presentation to CA Hi Desert FT  (0:3:55)

Sen. Conrad's Q&A: Hearing on Economic Challenges (8:20)

Mike Huckabee discusses attributes of the FairTax with Eric Bolling on Follow The Money. (0:5:41)

Herman Cain on Neil Cavuto 12 24 2010 (5:17)

Mike Huckabee's Challenge FairTax Challenge regarding deceptive attack ads (4:00)

The FairTax: It's Time (18:14)

Herman Cain Rebuts Misleading Ad Against FairTax (4:13)

Tax Compliance presentation prepared by a William &Mary University Student (5:11)

March 2010 Libertarian Perspective Interview with Bob Frenzel Part 1 (9:59)

March 2010 Libertarian Perspective Interview with Bob Frenzel Part 2 (9:19)

March 2010 Libertarian Perspective Interview with Bob Frenzel Part 3 (9:10)

Jessica Wexler speaking about why Democrats and Republicans should support the Fair Tax (0:9:56)

My FAIRTAX Story_Paul Wizikowski (0:2:42)

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