Tuesday, February 20, 2018 
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This page provides a list of resources: Power Point Presentations, documents in PDF, Word and Excel, that are available for your use.  Please feel free to use them when discussing The Fair Tax with friends and collegues.  In addition, if you have a candidate file that you believe might be of value complete the form below and upload the file (limited to 5MB in size).  It will be reviewed by our FFTEA staff and approved if deemed appropriate.

Available Resources

• ** H.R. 25 "The FairTax Act of 2011"
• 2010 Candidate Survey Results
• 2013 FairTax prebate explained
• 501(c)(3) Political Guidelines and Restrictions
• Advantages Of Consumption Based Taxation
• Beware the VAT
• Calendar Edit Procedures
• Candidate Interaction Guidelines
• Comparison of Ryan tax plan and FairTax
• Dollars a Worker Must Earn to Have $100
• FairTax Act of 2009
• FairTax and Charitable Giving (PDF format)
• Fairtax Overview updated Feb 2017
• FairTax Presentation-Sales Tax Bureau May, 2010
• FairTax vs. Flat tax Comparison (rev. 4-26-11)
• FairTax vs. Obama Plan Comparison
• FairTax vs. VAT Comparison
• FFTEA Materials Guidelines
• FFTEA Membership Brochure
• FFTEA Presentation (PDF Format)
• FFTEA-AFFT Speaking Guidelines (PDF)
• How the Prebate makes the FairTax Fair (updated)
• Illustrated Guide to Understanding the FairTax
• News Edit Procedures
• Statutory average and marginal tax rates
• Why The FairTax Will Jump Start the Economy

I have a candidate document
As resourses are added to the site they will appear in the list to the left
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